We build and scale brands

At BrandFactory12, we focus on creativity and innovation to shape the future of branding, creating unforgettable brands that make a lasting impact.




We look for the best possible suppliers and manufacturers to cooperate with and create products of the highest standard!



We are an independent company dedicated to building our own unique brands. We source and develop products, ensures that production runs smoothly, manages the supply chain, handles logistics, and takes care of marketing, sales, and services.



We sell our products directly to the consumer on market leading platforms like bol.com and Amazon 


Customer support

We take care of our own customer service to ensure that we can deliver the highest possible level of service. Our customers believe in us, and we are committed to providing them with exceptional customer support.

Our Brands


Thanks to the wide range of products and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, the products are suitable for any interior

Jacob Zech Watches

Jacob Zech watches are designed and built with thoughtful attention to detail. Discover the Jacob Zech Original collection of exquisite timepieces.


At Alpha Sierra Watches, we are more than just a watch brand; we are a celebration of adventure. We are watch enthusiasts, just like you.

Anna milano

Discover our elegant and timeless jewelry collection, where craftsmanship meets sophistication in every meticulously crafted piece.


Ramon Brugman and MOA have joined forces to create beautiful kitchen products.


Your Partner in Household Chores. Home Appliances That Make Your Life Easier.

our Approach

Fostering Innovation through Global Collaboration and Technological Excellence

At Brandfactory12, our approach is centered around collaborative innovation and cutting-edge technology. We engage in dynamic brainstorming sessions with our manufacturers and Chinese agents, delving into the latest technological advancements. This partnership is vital in shaping our product development, ensuring we’re not just on the forefront of market trends, but also leading in innovation.


These collaborations are more than just meetings; they’re think tanks where ideas and technology intersect. Our discussions with Chinese experts give us insights into emerging technologies, allowing us to incorporate these advancements into our products. This unique synergy between our creative team and external experts ensures that Brandfactory12 is synonymous with pioneering products and technological excellence in e-commerce.

Why Us?


Our relentless focus on innovation ensures that we consistently offer the latest, trendsetting products that stand out in the market.


Every item in our catalog undergoes rigorous quality checks, guaranteeing that our customers receive products that meet and exceed industry standards.


By leveraging leading e-commerce platforms like bol.com and amazon.com, we make it easy and convenient for customers to access our products, bringing them exceptional value directly.

Strong Ethical

Our commitment to maintaining personal, ethical relationships with our manufacturers ensures not only the quality of our products but also supports responsible and sustainable business practices.


our brands

We do what we do for more than one decade

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