about us

Pioneering the Direct-to-Consumer Revolution in E-Commerce

Welcome to Brandfactory12, where direct-to-consumer isn’t just a strategy, but our ethos. For over ten years, we’ve built unique brands for discerning consumers, focusing on quality and innovation through careful sourcing of manufacturers and products.

Our journey starts with designing trendsetting products, driven by a young, passionate team. We’re a tight-knit family, valuing hard work, expertise-sharing, and creative brainstorming (often over Ping-Pong!).

We distribute our products on leading platforms like bol.com and amazon.com, ensuring accessibility and value for our customers.

We maintain strong, personal relationships with our Far East manufacturers, visiting them regularly to strengthen our business partnerships.

Brandfactory12 is more than a company; it’s a dynamic hub of innovation and passion in e-commerce. We continuously evolve and set new benchmarks in bringing exceptional products directly to you.

our values


Embracing creativity and forward-thinking in developing trendsetting products.


Committing to high standards in every product, ensuring excellence and customer satisfaction.


Fostering a family-like team environment, where sharing expertise and collaborative brainstorming are key.


Building and maintaining strong, personal connections with manufacturers and customers alike, ensuring integrity and trust in all partnerships.


meet our team



Max is a real go-getter. Always cheerful, with a clear mission for the company, Max can motivate us as a team. This true bon vivant knows exactly where to find the best hotels, restaurants, and bars. With his passion for good food and fine wines, he travels far and wide. 



Coming all the way from Amsterdam, Jeroen brings calmness, balance, and knowledge. Jeroen gets things done. He travels the world with his friend Robin, from Amsterdam clubs to sunny Brazil.


Head of Procurement / trading

Representing Amsterdam well, Robin hails from our capital city along with Jeroen. Our procurement king has a healthy dose of humor and a passion for traveling. 


Head of Design

The creative genius of the company, Daniel is a jack-of-all-trades. He designs watches, creates content, and is a true IT expert. But that’s not all he knows, he likes his fine bottles of wine. 


Head of Finance

From numbers and figures to structure and organization, Lotte is our finance hero. Additionally, she can often be found at the shooting range. 


Junior account manager / design

Our Junior Account Manager with a passion for cars. Positive and always willing to help, that’s Daan. He works hard even on weekends because he wants his car to shine bright at the office on Monday. 


Customer care

Alongside Sanne, Roos is always ready to help. This duo solves any problem that comes their way. Our hardworking Roos ensures that every customer is satisfied. She does this every day in style, as she also has a passion for fashion. 


Customer care

The other half of the customer care team is Sanne. No challenge is too big for her. She tackles everything head-on. Besides her dedication to work, Sanne enjoys socializing, and you can find her on the terrace whenever the sun is shining. 


Stagiair Junior account manager

Bram is evolving into a true star in the junior account manager field. But this sporty colleague is also often found at the gym. His bench press record? 130 kilos! 


Stagiair Communicatie

Driven and always cheerful, Jeanine is on her way to becoming a true communications specialist. In addition to bringing positive energy to the workplace, this energetic bundle of joy can often be found at the dance studio after hours.

We do what we do for more than one decade

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